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CanCan is all about putting people into action about their health, giving them tools for early detection, prevention and self-advocacy. We give healthy women (and some men!), from all walks of life, a fun way to learn what they can do to feel more in control and less in fear about cancer.

Host a FREE party!

Each party includes:

  • A one-hour workshop at no cost to you or your organization
  • A health instructor to discuss risk factors, family history, signs and symptoms, screening methods, early detection, role of nutrition and exercise, and cancer myths
  • An ovarian or breast cancer survivor to share her journey
  • A comfortable setting where you can get all your questions answered

CanCan puts on free educational parties, filled with socializing, laughter, camaraderie, and just plain fun. Wherever women gather, workplaces, mother’s groups, on campuses, homeless shelters, and churches, CanCan will bring ovarian and breast educators and survivors to spread the word about early detection. A non-medical, fear-free, fun environment is the best environment for learning, even about serious topics. The parties are safe spaces created to encourage questions and sharing about ovarian and breast health. CanCan follows up the parties with monthly breast self-check reminders, educational resources on the website, and an engaging and informative blog.

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Mercy Housing

“I am grateful to CanCan for putting a very human portrait to such a hard to talk about and often taboo subject.  The CanCan Parties allow us to break down some of the boundaries that have been put up around breast health and being proactive and engaged in your own health.  We have a number of different cultures at our properties and these parties have allowed us to introduce this subject in a way that is non-threatening and open … allowing our residents to ask questions in a comfortable environment.  CanCan also inserts fun and levity into a topic that is sometimes hard to discuss making it feel less “doom and gloom” and more empowering and hopeful!”

-Katie Parker

Mercy Housing Regional Director, Resident Services

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